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Gifts for animation lovers

Looking for a Xmas gift for a person that is crazy about animations or cartoons? Well here are some gifts that will get you branded as the best gift giver.

The bikini bottom Gastronomique

Being one of the kids most favorite character, his crew has made a cookbook which over 50 delicious recipes. This will ensure that the kids get well fed as they jump around the house during the holidays. The cookbook includes recipes for sponge cake, yummy gummy jellyfish, fruit shakes and salty cucumbers from the sea. They are all based on the SpongeBob cartoon and will surely lighten up the kids’ mood.

The Phil Mendez 2013 Year-in-Progress calendar.

This is a lively calendar that will not only brighten up the walls of the house but also make the animation lover look forward to looking at the date the next date. It has been designed by Phil Mendez and includes animation characters, storyboards and inspiration stories spread across the 12 months it covers.

The Best American comics

Animation lovers have a thing for comic books. Here is a heads on for you. Houghton Mifflin, a comic lover too, takes his time to collect and combine the best comics that are produced each year. They are sorted and edited to give a healthy comic that can be read by any comic enthusiast. The combined copy is called the best American comics and can be found online.

Dr. Seuss!

This is a collection of works by Dr. Seuss, a well-known illustration creator, which clearly shows how he came up with his illustrations. The anime lover will definitely fall in love with this piece.

DVD stocking stuffers

It is the holidays and everyone wants to catch up with the latest movie releases. Well how about you get your anime lover this gift so that it can help him/her catch up with the latest episodes of his/her favorite show. The stuffers are a complete collection of any TV show e.g. it contains all the 14 seasons of The Simpsons, an anime show that is popular with almost everyone.

Forbidden planet.

This is where it gets freaky! Made by Michel Gagne, a lover for designing anime, it features anime work such as the famed Ratatouille and Iron Giant. It is a game that puts the player as an alien, takes the player in an unknown planet and asks the alien to find its way through mysterious regions that somewhat look creepy but enjoyable to be in. The alien tackles enemy bosses on its way. For anime game lovers, this may be the ultimate Xmas gift.

The Cat’s Meow

This is a software with a set of coloring tools that let the kids paint on a board without using ink, eradicating the careless spilling of ink and allowing the kids to rub any error they make easily without making a big deal out of it. It comes with backgrounds, props and has sound capabilities.

Getting your cartoon enthusiast a gift has just been made a breeze for you. All that is left is for you to pick one that seems to suit the needs of the party concerned.